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Sauk Rapids Area Homeowners & Businesses We’ve Helped With Roofing & Exterior Projects

Marvin & Janet Neubert, Residential Roofing In Sauk Rapids

Marvin and Janet Neubert contacted us looking for new roofing for their Sauk Rapids home. They also wanted to protect their home from ice and water, along with protection from high winds and storms.

Our estimator met with Marvin and Janet to talk over exactly what they needed done across their home and garage. They eventually choose CertainTeed Landmark® shingles for their home in the color Resawn Shake, which includes a lifetime warranty. Landmark® shingles have a dual-layered design that emulates the dimensionality of true wood shake.

Our local Sauk Rapids roofing team started work quickly, tearing off the existing shingles on the house and garage, as well as de-nailing the roof deck. All existing roof vents, sewer vents, ridge vents, and valley tins were replaced or removed.

CertainTeed Landmark® Resawn Shake shingles were installed along the entire roof. The roof edge was also replaced with new aluminum roof edging in the color Terra Bronze, and starter shingles were placed along the rake and eave edges to protect against high winds. Underneath the shingles, new synthetic felt was placed along the roof deck, along with ice and water shields on the bottom 6' of the roof deck and down the valleys.

As you can see in the photos, the end result was both beautiful and functional, preserving the house and garage while increasing curb appeal.

Tracy & Jack Bowe, Residential Siding In Sauk Rapids

Tracy and Jack of Sauk Rapids called the BD Exteriors team to help reside their entire home. They needed a team to help them redesign the look of their home while also providing needed protection for wood trim across much of the home.

Our estimator met with Tracy and Jack to find out what they really needed. They eventually chose EDCO Single 6” traditional steel lap siding in the ENTEX® Sandtone color, along with accessories to match. A portion of the home would also be done in EDCO Steel Board and Batten vertical siding in the ENTEX® Classic Blue, including trim to match. EDCO steel siding provides a natural look, has moisture protection, is non-combustible and 100% recyclable, and has a lifetime warranty.

Our team got right to work on the Bowe house in Sauk Rapids. Existing siding was removed, shutters were detached, soffit and fascia were removed, and aluminum wraps were removed from wood frames around the entry doors, garage doors, and brick.

EDCO Single 6” traditional steel lap siding in ENTEX® Sandtone was installed around most of the house, with matching vents, light blocks, splits, and more. Flashing was also installed. Outside corners were installed with the color Classic Blue and J-Channels were added around window units. EDCO Steel Board and Batten vertical siding in ENTEX® Classic Blue was added only in specific areas, separated from the Sandtone with band-boards wrapped with aluminum in Classic Blue. The existing shutters were reset, and new aluminum wraps in Classic Blue were added to the wood frames.

This home received a beautiful makeover - front, back, and sides. The Bowe's couldn't be happier, and we're so glad to have helped.

Meghan & Robb Ksiazek, Residential Roofing In Sauk Rapids

Meghan and Robb Ksiazek got in touch with BD Exteriors looking to fix their aged roof in Sauk Rapids. Their home's roof had deteriorated over the years and needed all new flashing, valley tin, and shingles.

Our estimator met with Meghan and Robb to discuss what was needed. They eventually choose CertainTeed Landmark® shingles for their home in the Weathered Wood color, which includes a lifetime warranty. Landmark® shingles have a dual-layered design that emulates the dimensionality of true wood shake.

Our local Sauk Rapids roofing team hopped to it, removing the existing shingles, valley tins, and flashing. CertainTeed Landmark® Weathered Wood shingles were installed along the entire roof, including replacing the existing roof edge with the Royal Brown color. All valley tins were color matched to the new shingles, and shingles were installed over the ridge vent on the peaks.

The results were two happy homeowners! The new shingles extended the life of their home and made it much more appealing to the eye.

Reviews From Sauk Rapids Area Homeowners

Josh Christy | Sauk Rapids | via Facebook logo

“Worked with BD Exteriors on multiple occasions, from small windows to minimal amounts of gutters, and to full roof and siding replacement and every time they do the same quality, timely work. Highly recommended to everyone!”

Lisa Pfannenstein | Sauk Rapids | via Facebook logo

“We are renovating an 1800 farmhouse downtown Sauk Rapids to move our gift shop into which desperately needed gutters. Patrick offered different options to help out with our budget and was great to work with. BD Exteriors was respectful, efficient, affordable & offers great quality. Thanks for such a positive experience!”

Additional Local Roofing Reviews

Our Sauk Rapids Residential & Commercial Exterior Services

Residential Roofing In Sauk Rapids, MN

When it's time to redo your roof, you want it done right. Choose BD Exteriors, a certified Select ShingleMaster Company through Certainteed. All of our residential roofing supervisors - and most of our crew - are certified Master Shingle Applicators through Certainteed, and we have a Shingle Quality Specialist on staff. We offer Certainteed products as well as Boral products for your residential roofing in Sauk Rapids, MN.

House Siding In Sauk Rapids, MN

When you choose BD Exteriors, you can trust our house siding team to be professional and courteous. Here are some of our favorite products for house siding in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota: LP SmartSide, a wood product made right here in Minnesota; Edco Steel Siding, a steel siding also made here in Minnesota; Mastic Vinyl Siding, an excellent vinyl product with a limited lifetime warranty; and more.

Rain Gutters In Sauk Rapids, MN

Our goal is to repair or install new, top-of-the-line gutters in Sauk Rapids, MN. BD Exteriors has a seamless aluminum gutter system that we install with Brute hangers and stainless steel installation screws. Our installation package is the strongest in the industry; we don't do second best. Our gutters are also available in more than 50 standard colors, so they will perfectly complement your home.

Replacement Windows & Doors In Sauk Rapids, MN

Make your home more energy efficient by installing replacement windows and doors. We will replace and install the best windows and doors to conserve energy, save money over the years, and make your home even more beautiful. As a factory-direct installer, we can pass the savings on to you. We have many windows and doors certified by the Energy Star Windows Program and other energy rating programs.

Steel Roof Installation In Sauk Rapids, MN

Protecting your home and family is our number one priority. We use only top-of-the-line metal roofing in Sauk Rapids, MN like Boral metal roofing products. Boral is the best on the market; we don't do second best. These aren't just shiny metal shingles on your roof; these shingles are coated with extremely fine natural granite chips, and the result is a beautiful lifelong roofing system in a shingle, shake, or tile design.

Storm Damage Repair In Sauk Rapids, MN

If your Sauk Rapids area home or business is damaged by hail, you want that storm damage repaired fast to keep the elements out. Minnesota is always in the path of severe weather. Tornadoes, thunderstorms, and hailstorms can all individually be devastating to windows, siding, and roofing, but they can also come in any combination. We've been the trusted storm damage contractor across Central Minnesota since 2001.

Snow & Ice Removal In Sauk Rapids, MN

During the winter months, heavy snow cover on your roof can cause your home to go through some difficult times. Sometimes, ice dams can occur. If ice dams haven't formed yet, we can come and remove the snow to help prevent their formation. If you already have ice dams that are developing at the eaves of your roof, we can send our crew out with our high temperature (300 degree), low pressure (100 PSI) roof steamer.

Commercial Roofing In Sauk Rapids, MN

More than 25% of our work is commercial roofing, both shingles and steel roofing. We have done pitched commercial roofing for everything from office buildings to apartment complexes, churches to schools. No project is too big or too complex! We've been the trusted commercial roofing contractor across Central Minnesota since 2001.

Get Exterior Work Done In Sauk Rapids

We’re proud of the exterior work we do on Sauk Rapids homes and businesses, from roofing to siding, gutters to storm damage repair. Call or email us today to get an estimate on your next exterior project. We’ll get back to you within the next business day.

Your Local Sauk Rapids Area Roofing Company

BD Exteriors was founded in 2001 by Brian Donnay. We've been installing roofing, siding, and other exteriors in Sauk Rapids and surrounding areas for two decades. Every roof we install has our name on it, so quality, craftsmanship, and customer service is of the utmost importance to us. Just check out our 150+ online reviews, or head over to our A+ rated Better Business Bureau page!

The BD Exteriors team in Sauk Rapids, MN. Ready for your next roofing, siding, gutters, or other exterior project.

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