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Craguns Resort

Snow & Ice Removal

During the winter months, our gears shift from roofing, siding, and gutters, to snow and ice removal.

Rooftop Snow And Ice Removal

During the winter months, heavy snow cover on your roof can cause your home can go through some difficult times. Depending on moisture content of the snow, the outside temperature, and your homes ventilation/insulation system, sometimes ice dams can occur. BD Exteriors has the solution!

  • If there aren’t ice dams and you just want the snow removed to alleviate the potential for the formation of ice dams on your home, we can come and remove the snow for an hourly rate (preventative care).
  • If you already have ice dams that are forming at the eaves of your roof, we can send our crew out with our high temperature (300 degree), low pressure (100 PSI) roof steamer. The process begins with first removing the snow from your roof leaving an inch or two on top of your shingles. Leaving snow on the roof is a precautionary procedure so we do not damage your shingles. After the snow is removed, we start the steaming process – keep in mind we will need access to your outdoor water spicket during this process.

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