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What Are Architectural Shingles & Are They Good For Your Home?

What are architectural shingles, and what kind of advantages do they provide to your home? Let’s take a look at how you and your home can benefit from them.

4 Ways Weather Can Damage House Siding

Minnesota’s weather can damage house siding, leaving you in a bad spot. BD Exteriors can help you decide when it’s the right time to replace or repair.

3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Siding Contractor Near St. Cloud, MN

Hiring a siding contractor can feel like a game of chance. How can you know whether one will be better than another?

2 Ways To Prevent Winter Siding Damage

Prevent winter siding damage by taking a couple of key steps. Whether you have metal siding, vinyl siding, or wood siding, these tips can help.

Brian Donnay, BD Exteriors, Featured In KNSI Storm Damage Story

Brian Donnay, the owner of BD Exteriors, was recently featured in a KNSI Radio news story about storm damage across the St. Cloud area.

How To Assess Storm Damage & Who To Call

We often receive calls to inspect exterior damage across the St. Cloud area. Here’s a list of things to watch for when attempting to assess storm damage.

The Best Roofing & Siding To Mitigate Hail Damage Near St. Cloud

If you’re trying to mitigate hail damage near St. Cloud, BD Exteriors has the materials and expertise you need. Protect your home from hail and other threats.

Repair Vs. Replacing Roof Shingles How To Know What’s Best

When harsh weather has damaged your asphalt shingles, it’s time to think about whether it’s more prudent to repair vs. replacing roof shingles.

Asphalt Shingles vs. Metal Roofing In Central Minnesota

We’re often asked for our opinion on asphalt shingles vs. metal roofing in Central Minnesota. Find out what the experts at BD Exteriors really think.

7 Signs You Need To Replace House Siding

There are many reasons you may need to replace house siding, from physical damage to time spent exposed to the elements. Learn more and get a quote today!

3 Reasons To Inspect Roof Shingles Near St. Cloud, MN This Spring

Have you tried to inspect roof shingles near St. Cloud, MN by yourself? Contact BD Exteriors today to schedule a roof inspection.

3 Reasons Ice Dam Removal Is For Professionals, Not DIYers

At BD Exteriors, we use low-pressure steam so we don’t damage your roof during ice dam removal. Our water is heated to between 200-300°F.

3 Tips To Keep Ice-Free Entryways In Your Home

Keeping ice-free entryways is vital to your family or business’ safety. Prevent build-up of ice, and falling ice, from endangering your entryway.

We're Proud To Be A Premier And Preferred Roofing Contractor

BD Exteriors is proud to be a Premier Roofing Contractor with Certainteed and a Preferred Roofing Contractor with Owens Corning, helping us serve you better!

How Will Residing A Home Affect Its Value?

One of the best ways to increase your home’s value is by redoing the siding! Here are a few different ways new siding can affect your home value.

How To Choose A Roof Contractor Near St. Cloud, MN

Finding the perfect partner roof contractor near St. Cloud, MN can be difficult if you’re not sure what to look for. Here are some great tips to get started!

4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Home's Siding

Your home’s siding is integral to keeping heat and energy inside and rain and other elements outside. Contact BD Exteriors for a friendly quote!

3 Warning Signs Your Roof Shingles May Fail Soon

Your roof shingles may appear fine, but unexpectedly they may begin to deteriorate, leaving you in a tough situation. Get a friendly quote from BD Exteriors!

3 Things To Expect From A Great Siding Contractor

When you’re looking for a great siding contractor, there are a few things you should expect when you interact with them. Don’t settle for less!

5 Great Reasons To Replace Your Gutters

Your gutters are one spring and fall cleaning necessity that you probably don’t think about. Here are some great reasons to replace gutters today!

4 Common Things Damaging Your Roof Shingles

Whether it’s something you’re doing or something you’re not doing, you’ll have to keep an eye on your roof shingles to prevent severe damage from occurring.

3 Reasons To Get A Professional Roof Inspection Soon

A professional roof inspection from BD Exteriors can save you money, give you back your peace of mind and keep your family safe.

How To Prep Your Gutters For Fall & Winter

Let’s go over a few tips on how to clean and prepare your gutters for the dormant months. Get in touch if you need help repairing or installing new gutters.

4 Fall Roof Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

With these simple roof maintenance tips, you can keep what might have been a simple fix from becoming a massive problem.

6 Most Popular Exterior House Siding Options

House siding is a big decision to make. Let’s go over some of the most popular options for exterior house siding.