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How To Assess Storm Damage & Who To Call

Lightning and hail storm, with lightning lighting up clouds and trees in Central Minnesota.
Lightning Storm by An283

Spring, summer and fall storms can take their toll on your property. At BD Exteriors, we often receive calls to inspect roof, siding, gutter, and other exterior damage across the greater St. Cloud area. Below, we have our list of important things to watch for when attempting to assess storm damage.

How We Assess Storm Damage Near St. Cloud, MN

Identify Debris

Depending on how much time has passed, we can look for natural debris, such as branches, hail, or objects thrown by the wind to identify damage.

We can also find debris from your home, such as shingles or siding which has ripped loose, broken glass, masses of shingle granules, etc.

Exterior Damage

If they’re fully comfortable and willing to take the risk, a homeowner can attempt to survey exterior damage on their own. Looking for holes in the roof, siding, trees laying on or pushing against parts of your home, and identifying those areas for when you do your interior assessment. 

You’ll also want to inspect your flashing, as it keeps water out of corners and edges. Damage to flashing can lead to water damage in the future.

Interior Damage

If the storm hit your exterior, you may have interior problems as well. It could be as straightforward as standing outside your home and seeing the inside through a hole. Or, it could be less noticeable - maybe tree branches temporarily lifted shingles, letting water into your attic and insulation, but the shingles have since laid back down. 

It’s important to look for any moisture, as well as physical damage.

Call BD Exteriors To Assess Storm Damage Near St. Cloud, MN

Climbing on a roof or high ladder is dangerous for the untrained, but it’s also dangerous not to assess your roof, siding, gutters, and other home exterior areas after a storm. Debris and shingles may fall and injure someone, or your home may be subject to further damage from the elements.