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6 Most Popular Exterior House Siding Options

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House siding is a big decision to make. What style are you going for? What color? Low maintenance? No maintenance? There are a ton of decisions to make! Let’s go over some of the most popular options for exterior house siding.

1. Stone & Stone Veneer

Granite, Limestone. These stones are naturally beautiful and durable, so they’re appealing to many homeowners. Stone adds texture and visual interest to your exterior, which is awesome! But it is quite a bit more expensive than other options for your house.

A more lightweight and a bit less expensive option is a stone veneer. This is made of a synthetic material, with a natural stone front.

2. Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is a great way to get a custom look at a lower cost. It can be made to look like masonry, stucco or wood, and is relatively low-maintenance, although it can encounter moisture problems. It’ll last 25-50 years, depending on the manufacturer.

3. Wood

Wood siding is commonly used when you’re trying to get a bungalow or cottage feel, giving you a rich, textured look. With periodic maintenance, wood can last a long time, from 10-100 years! Wood siding can come in clapboard (long strips) or as shakes and shingles.

LP SmartSide is one brand which sells it in long strips, and is known to be excellent and long lasting! LP SmartSide can come colored, but if you buy other wood you will probably need to pay extra for staining or painting.

4. Brick & Brick Veneer

Brick is used on may Colonial, Tudor and English cottage style houses. Similar to stone, most people these days pt for a brick veneer to provide the same look at a cheaper price.

Under normal conditions and when installed correctly, brick siding can last the life of your house. Installing brick is labor-intensive, so the cost is on the higher end compared to other siding options.

5. Vinyl

While some are turned off by the ‘plastic look’ of vinyl siding, the variety of colors and styles has boosted its popularity. And if the last time you looked at vinyl siding was the 90s or 2000s, you’ll be delightfully surprised in how far it’s come.

One of the best vinyl brands out there right now is Mastic, an amazing product!

6. Steel

Steel siding is extremely durable and low-maintenance, though is fairly expensive. One of the best steel brands out there is Edco which offers a lifetime warranty on all siding and accessories. Steel siding has a ton of designs and colors to choose from as well.