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5 Great Reasons To Replace Your Gutters

Dormouse in house gutters.

For most people, spring cleaning is an opportunity to tackle projects that they normally don’t have time for during the rest of the year. But your gutters are one spring cleaning necessity that you probably don’t think about as the weather turns warmer. With the proper gutter type matched with the tree cover and environment you have, you can avoid a lot of the problems noted below.

Meanwhile, your current gutters may be full of junk which can cause lots of problems, such as:

1. Animals

Clogged gutters are a haven for pests and animals. Termites, mosquitoes, wasps, ants, mice, squirrels and more will take refuge or forage through clogged gutters, and they can damage your home through burrowing or feeding.

To stop this from happening, prevent formation of the habitat that they’re attracted by installing the proper type of gutters to stop foliage and branches from gathering.

2. Foundation Damage

As water collects in your clogged gutters it’ll overflow, leading to it either seeping into the roof deck and rotting the fascia or dripping down and accumulating around the foundation. As water collects around the foundation it will eventually result in basement leaks and possibly a cracked foundation, which can be very expensive to repair.

3. Roof Damage

Also as water collects in clogged gutters, it can seep into the roof deck can cause interior leaks from the ceiling. Make sure your gutters stay gunk free with the proper gutter and cover type, which our experts can diagnose and provide.

4. Mold

When gutters contain debris, they keep water from escaping properly. Instead, water follows the path of least resistance and seeps into the wood walls and roof of your home. This can cause several problems, including wood rot and mold, which creates another costly repair or replacement job.

5. Ice Dams

Ice dams typically form during cold weather when water becomes trapped in gutters and freezes. This creates a natural dam that further prevents water from escaping your roof area.

Contact BD Exteriors, your local gutter contractor! We’re licensed, insured and bonded, and we can determine the best type of gutter and cover to prevent these types of problems at your home.