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4 Ways Weather Can Damage House Siding

Blue sided house with red door in winter.

Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash

Minnesota experiences all four seasons at their peak. Our intense weather can damage house siding, leaving you in a bad spot. BD Exteriors can help you decide when it's the right time to replace aged siding or repair after a storm passes through.

If you do have any problems, call BD Exteriors right away!

How Weather Can Damage House Siding

1. Wind

A typical Minnesota wind isn't going to rip your siding off. But severe windstorms can cause cracks and chips to appear in vinyl or wood siding. If the wind is strong enough, it can even cause entire pieces of siding to break off, no matter the material. If the wind was strong enough to break branches, it's a good idea to at least do a walk-around of your home and visually inspect your siding for damage.

2. Sun

The sun fades siding. Vinyl or wood siding will all eventually fade with the sun, so any replacement you do in the future won't quite match the original anymore. Of course, steel siding may have a slight bit of fading, but not nearly as much as vinyl or wood. In fact, our Edco steel siding offers long-term color retention, which means you'll never paint again.

3. Hail

At the edge of Fall and Spring, snows and rains can quickly turn into hailstorms. With strong winds blowing sideways, vinyl siding and metal siding can be impacted by hailstones. Vinyl siding can break, leaving holes in the side of your home. Meanwhile, metal siding can dent, which doesn't look great as well and can lead to weakness in the metal during later events.

4. Age

Day-in and day-out wear and tear on your siding can get to it. After so many years - whether that's 20 or 50 depending on your type of siding - you will see the damage the weather has done to your home. Over time, you'll be worried about the integrity of your siding. Get in touch with a professional to know when to replace it.

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