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4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Home's Siding

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Your home’s siding is integral to keeping heat and energy inside and rain and other elements outside. Being aware of when you need to replace your siding is key to keeping costs down and your home safe.

Here are a few different signs to look for to know whether you need to replace your siding. When you’re ready, contact BD Exteriors for a friendly quote!

1. Energy Costs Rise

If you notice your energy costs beginning to rise, you may want to take a close look at your siding. Roofing and insulation can commonly be a problem as well, but siding is also often a cause of heating and cooling leakage.

Visually inspect your siding, as well as the seams where it meets the roof for damage, thinning or gaps.

2. Rotting/Warping

When you’re inspecting the siding, also look for rotting and warping. When you find rotting or warping, poke it with something solid to see if it feels soft or spongy. If so, it’s a definite indication you need new siding very soon.

3. Peeling Paint/Loose Wallpaper Inside

Even if the exterior siding looks fine, you may find some damage inside such as peeling paint or loose wallpaper. These signs can be symptomatic of faulty siding allowing moisture to seep in, migrate through the wall and cause damage inside.

If peeling paint and loose wallpaper are caused by your exterior siding, it’s definitely time to replace it before more damage occurs or mold takes hold.

4. Fading

All siding has a life expectancy. Most siding is formulated to hold its color for as long as the siding itself is rated for, so if the color is beginning to fade, the siding has probably lived past its useful life as well. This isn’t always true, but it’s a good indicator you may need new siding.

If you’re ready for new siding, get in touch with BD Exteriors for a friendly quote!