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3 Tips To Keep Ice-Free Entryways In Your Home

Winter ice. Keep ice-free entryways with these tips.
Ice Entryway by KiraHundeDog

Keeping ice-free entryways can be challenging for any home or business owner. Water will always head for the lowest point, so it’s important to keep water away from your entryway in the first place to reduce instances of ice.

In Central Minnesota, count on BD Exteriors to provide some amazing ways of keeping ice-free entryways. Give us a call to learn more!

3 Ways To Keep Ice-Free Entryways

1. Install Gutters

At BD Exteriors, we install a seamless aluminum gutter system. A seamless gutter improves water flow around your home, preventing leaks and getting water away from your walkways and driveways. This prevents ice from forming on your entryway.

Our gutter systems are installed with Brute hangers and stainless steel installation screws, to prevent ice dams from pushing your gutters around and creating water problems in the spring thaw.

2. Use Gutter Screens

Aluminum micro-screens can help protect your gutters from ice dams. Aluminum micro-screens also have a reverse curve cover which allows easier roof raking, reducing the amount of snow and ice on your roof, entryway, and driveway.

Reducing the amount of snow and ice on your roof will help with keeping water away from your sidewalk, and keep an ice-free entryway.

3. Install An Ice & Water Shield (With Roofing)

If you haven’t had your roof replaced since before the late 90s, an ice and water shield will be installed with your next roof replacement. Ice and water shields have been required for nearly 20 years due to ice and water building up on the edge of the roof. This build-up occurs due to poor ventilation, among other reasons.

An ice and water shield will keep water and ice flowing in the right direction - away from your home.

This shield is a rubberized asphalt membrane which seals the areas most likely to be affected by ice and water in the winter - the edge of the roof, valleys, areas around skylights and other sensitive areas. If ice and water start to build up in these areas, it can overpour your gutters and end up on your entryway.