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3 Reasons To Get A Professional Roof Inspection

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In most homes, it can be hard to tell if shingles are failing, moisture is creeping under the roofing materials or animals or storms have damaged your roof. A professional roof inspection from BD Exteriors can save you money, give you back your peace of mind and keep your family safe.

Learn more about our roofing experience, and give us a call when you’re ready for an inspection or roofing work!

1. Safety

An untrained, uncertified roofer shouldn’t climb on any roof to perform an inspection. DIY is not the way to go, as any roof with a slope is inherently dangerous and difficult to traverse, while roofs which are sloped or flat could have weak points which can lead to injury if undetected.

Someone unfamiliar with roofs could lose their balance and slip or fall, resulting in injury or death. The safest way to inspect your roof is to have a licensed, bonded and insured professional like BD Exteriors do it.

2. Avoiding Future Expenses

Professionals know what they’re looking for when on top of your roof. With decades of training and experience, they can accurately identify weak points and problem areas, recommending fixes for problems they have found now which can save you thousands in the long run.

Preventing a full roof replacement before it’s life is up is one of the best investments you can make in your home.

3. Peace Of Mind

Do you tend to put off problems, hoping they won’t come back to haunt you? If you tend to worry, get that worry off your back by having your roof professionally inspected! One inspection per year and you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing a strong barrier keeps mother nature at bay.

Our team will carefully look for damage from storms, weak points, leaks and other troublesome signs. While they may not find anything alarming, you won’t know until a professional physically inspects your roof.

If you’re ready for a roof inspection or need a new roof, get in touch with BD Exteriors for a friendly quote!