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How To Choose A Residential Roofing Contractor Near Sartell, MN

When you need a residential roofing contractor near Sartell, MN, you’re usually going to make that decision in a rush; there’s a leak in your roof, cold air is coming in, etc. But there is an argument to be made to do your research first, and take a little time to make sure the contractor you’re working with is going to do the job right.

Here are a few tips to help you find a quality residential roofing contractor.

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Get Everything Written Down

The home belongs to you, so make sure you understand everything being done to it as well as how payments are to be made to the contractor. Both parties should be very clear on expectations.

Be sure to get the details of the job in writing, such as:

  • how many crew will be working on your home;
  • how long they estimate the job to take;
  • cost estimates; and,
  • other pertinent information.

Value Good Communication

It’s important that your residential roofing contractor near Sartell, MN communicate with you as often as you need, and in a timely manner. If you notice something additional needs to be done, or something in the agreement hasn’t been taken care of, will you be able to get ahold of them and speak with the foreman or owner?

If they weren’t good at communicating when trying to win your contract, they’ll probably be even worse during the job, so choose wisely.

Choose A Licensed, Insured & Bonded Roofer

The best way to tell if a residential roofing contractor near Sartell, MN is insured and bonded is to see if they’re listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. Many businesses, like BD Exteriors, will actually put the BBB logo on their website (ours is at the bottom of every page).

At the time of application with the BBB, a contractor needs to be insured and bonded. That doesn’t mean they’re still insured and bonded however, so it’s best to also ask for their paperwork so you can see for yourself. But at least you can narrow the field down a bit.

For licensing, head to the state of Minnesota website and search for that business’ name or license number – e.g. BD Exteriors’ license number is BC326161, also located at the bottom of every page on our website. In the state of Minnesota, a residential roofing contractor can only receive a license if they are bonded and insured, and they must take continuing education courses as well as renew their license every two years.

Shop Local

A local contractor is always your best bet. A national company with a local presence still employs local people, but profits leave the Sartell area and any issues you have may end up continuously getting moved up the chain of command to someone far removed from your situation.

A truly local roofing company is locally owned and operated, with profits staying in the community. And you know the buck stops right here, with the owner.

Stay Away From “Storm Chasers”

This goes hand-in-hand with choosing a local contractor. We’ve heard too many stories of people being burned by storm chasers who come and knock on their door, informing them of damage to their home which needs to be repaired quickly. They may attempt to get you to sign a letter of intent; you don’t have to sign anything you don’t want to, and in fact should contact your insurance company before speaking with any residential roofing contractor.

Once you’ve spoken with your insurance company, contact BD Exteriors, your local residential roofing contractor near Sartell, MN! We’re licensed, insured and bonded.