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Meet Our Team

We’ve taken the time to build a remodeling team which can handle any exterior remodeling task you may need. From siding to gutters and roofing to windows, residential or commercial and storm damage repair all around, we have the experience to handle it all.

Our team members all grew up and live in Central Minnesota. We’re loyal to a fault, hard working and we have the training to ensure your home or business is in tip-top shape when we’re done.

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Loyalty is an important trait in any relationship, but we especially value it in our employees, and express that in our loyalty to you and your property. We don’t hire subcontractors so we can control exactly who is working on your property at any given moment. We also don’t hire seasonal help; our team works for us and only us, so we can control the quality of work done on your property.

We expect and embrace loyalty at every turn, and our customers see great value in that.

Hard Work

Because our team works only for us, we reward them well and they work hard for you. We get your remodeling project done efficiently and to the highest quality. Our goal is to interrupt your life as little as possible, and we work hard to remodel your property as unintrusively as possible while still hitting our project goals.


As a business, we maintain our certification with the EPA for lead-safe renovations, our license with the DLI for our residential building contractor and we ensure every employee has completed their 10-hour safety class certification through OSHA before working on your property. We’re licensed, bonded and insured to protect you.

Our team members are highly experienced in a number of different products we use on homes and businesses:


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