BD Exteriors Process

Our Process

So you’ve already called us for an estimate, and chosen us for your exterior remodeling project . . . right? If not, click over to our contact page, send us a message and come right back.

So, what’s next? How does working with BD Exteriors . . . work? We’re glad you asked. Here’s our remodeling process from start to finish, so you know exactly what to expect from our local team.

Quick Estimates

Since you’ve just sent us your request for an estimate, we’ll be getting back to you within three days. Our guarantee is that you’ll hear from us within 72 hours so you can make the best decision possible about your property.

We don’t want to waste your time; that’s no way to begin a relationship.

Not a Hard Sell

We’re not salesmen. We’re commercial and residential remodelers, and that’s what we do best. You’ll never be pressured into a hard sell situation because that’s not what we do.

We look at your property and give you an honest estimate. We do this every day, and our estimators are on your property working just like everyone else so there are no surprises. We’re partners with you on your project.


We’re local to Central Minnesota, and so are all of our team members. We don’t have to travel from the Twin Cities, which means more time spent on your project. We also are invested in the local community, meaning our reputation rides on being on time, and within our estimated time of completion.

If you need us for an estimate, request one online or call. If we don’t answer, we’ll get back to you that day by phone, or within 72 hours through our online request form.

Short Waits

Once you’ve signed up with us, you’re on our project schedule right away. Our wait time is rarely longer than a few weeks, so we can get your project rolling as soon as possible.

Completed Quickly

Most exterior remodeling projects take 1-2 days, but they can vary. When we get back to you with your estimate, we’ll let you know how long we think your project will take, from set-up to clean up afterwards where we go through your lawn with a magnetic sweep to get any loose nails. We’ll leave your property spotless, and get your project done quickly.

Easy Payments

Our payment process is easy, and made for your convenience. We require half of your payment down, and half when we’ve completed the project to completion.

Request an estimate today if you haven’t already!